Milanese by birth, authentic, casual, set to conquer the world.

In over 30 years of history, Panino Giusto has achieved a dream: to spread the culture of the Panino (Sandwich) as a choice in Italy and abroad: a choice of quality, craftsmanship and excellence. 

Quality without compromise

The excellence of highly selected ingredients and their perfect combination make each Panino (Sandwich) an authentic work of culinary art.

A unique product 

Our success has a precise formula that we enjoy summarising with “the rule of 7”:70 gr of freshly sliced meat, 70 gr of cheese, vegetables, delicious sauces and oil, contained in 70 gr of French bread produced exclusively for Panino Giusto. Perfectly proportioned, every Panino (Sandwich) is a balance of flavours, aromas and colours, a truly handcrafted masterpiece, an experience to be lived and tasted with all five senses. 


From the Grand Masters of the Panino (Sandwich), the true keepers of Panino Giusto's culinary tradition, to the young staff who serve at the tables, and including all those who work behind the scenes.  Every Panino (sandwich) is a harmony of taste and the result of the orchestral work of many persons who are constantly committed to achieving perfection, each in their own role.