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Gastronomic combination, finding the right taste

Gastronomic combination, finding the right taste

All that we feel when we eat and taste something is not by chance. What we call "flavour" is the result of a studied and complex relation between stimulus. It may seem strange, in spite of the surprising matches and various gastronomic combinations in cooking that have not been already tasted.
For many years we have believed in the theory of the 4 perceived basic tastes: sourness, saltiness, sweetness and bitterness. But scientist are sure that there is another one: the umami, the Japanese word that literally means savoury. People taste umami through taste receptors that typically respond to glutamate, which is widely present in meat broths and fermented products and commonly added to some foods like meat and cheese in the form of monosodium glutamate (MSG). There are many foods that are particularly rich in umami, like the Parmigiano Reggiano (with 1200 natural glutamate each 100gr), tomatoes, mushrooms, corn, soy sauce, Black olives, asparagus, bacon, chicken, potatoes, carrots and fish. To be more clear: many savours -upon which we are totally dependent- depend on umami, a savoury but not salty taste.

Combine the tastes with the tips of Panino Giusto

The marriage among these sensations creates the culinary art and the gastronomic excellence. With the 5 basic tastes, you can create infinite combinations. The love for food and for the attempts in cooking are originated by original gastronomic combinations that are able to give value to main dishes, Panini and desserts. An incessant discovery in cooking, finding the right taste!
With the menu of Panino Giusto you can choose food and gastronomic specialities that you can combine with made-in-Italy wines and typical regional products. We have decided to adventure among the flavours of local and high-quality specialities in an unusual way, without betraying the Italian gastronomic tradition that has inspired our art for years. To combine flavours and aromas and blend them together in a unique and original harmony, we have created also the menu Esplorazioni. It is an Italian alternative to hamburgers, that contains gastronomic proposals perfect for dinner. The point of beginning has ever been our tradition that lets us explore various culinary combinations that every palate can taste choosing among Panini, salads and desserts from our menu. We have been working hard to select the best choices for you that now represent the Italian taste in our stores. Here is a list of some tips to combine the flavours in cooking, as best as possible in a healthy but also original way.

Cheese and Cured meats: our combinations

One of the most favourite and successful gastronomic combinations is cheese and cured meats. They should be combined in many different and savoury ways, that will always be true to our tradition. Along with bread, cured meats and cheese are the base of a simple and healthy lunch to eat in a hurry, without renouncing the unique and high-quality ingredients. Here are our tips to combine cheese and cured meats:

  • Parma ham and Brie cheese
  • Parma ham and fresh buffalo cheese
  • Mortadella and Parmiggiano Reggiano aged 27 months
  • Mortadella and pecorino cream
  • Crisp bacon and Parmigiano shavings
  • Finocchiona and pecorino: we dedicated our two limited editions to the Tuscany gastronomic tradition. The Panini Firenze and Toscano are made respectively of Tuscany finocchiona (a typical local sausage spiced with wild fennel), pecorino toscano, fennel flakes, candy-coated figs and extra-virgin olive oil and with finocchiona, pecorino and fruits piccalilli.

Fruits and vegetable-based recipes.

If you don't know what to combine with vegetables, here is a list of the ingredients our chefs use to explore new combinations:

  • Tomatoes with Brie cheese
  • Grilled courgettes with cacio ragusano, basil pesto and fresh cheese
  • Lombardy bell pepper with pecorino cream, pistachio cream and mortadella (bologna)
  • Did you know that artichokes -and the cream made of them- are a perfect blend with cocoa? At Panino Giusto, we combined both with red meat for the creation of "inedito Trentino" in our previous menu.
  • The green apple has a sweet flavour that contrasts the savoury tastes, thus we use it in our "inedito Lombardo" combined with bresaola of Valtellina, together with fresh cheese, extra-virgin olive oil and pepper. You can prepare a very savoury salad with the perfect match of green apples, carrots and almonds.
  • Grilled courgettes and almonds are a perfect blend: taste it in our vegan panino by us, at Panino Giusto!
  • Aubergines and liquorice blend perfectly: would you have ever imagined it? Make an attempt and be surprised by the "Inedito Salame" a new entry in our menu with salame Milano, aubergines, liquorice, escarole, crescenza cheese, extra-virgin olive oil;
  • Slow Food onion of Giarratana, is really sweet and thus makes the Piedmont meat irresistible in our Panino Ragusano.
  • Escarole, commonly known as endive, can be combined with scamorza: at Panino Giusto, we propose this mix in our Panino Delicato, a new entry in our menu, created with steamed escarole, scamorza cream, mozzarella, anchovies, caper powder and pepper. Tasty, isn't it?
  • Grilled vegetables, in particular courgettes and aubergines, are very tasty with sauces: we thought to combine them with a mayonnaise-based tartar sauce added with cucumbers, capers and onion.
  • Asparagus is suitable for various food combinations, maybe also unusual: at Panino Giusto, chef Claudio Sadlerstarred Michelin- proposes them steamed and combined with Robiola (an Italian soft-ripened cheese made by cow's milk), together with white truffle pasta and grilled organic turkey breast.
  • Piccalilli, lamb lettuce and baked potatoes are a perfect side-dish for the meal Sabaudo: 200gr of Piedmont Frassona meat with piccalilli and tartar sauce.

The classics on the table: what does mozzarella blend with?

Due its versatility, mozzarella is suitable for various gastronomic combinations. From appetizers to side-dishes, mozzarella or buffalo mozzarella are two of the most loved Italian products throughout the history of cooking. In Italy, we love mozzarella in all possible ways: we suggest eating it alone, natural, with a trickle of olive oil, or cooked on your pizza. However, we love daring, so, we used it as an ingredient in lots of Panini you can taste from our menu. Let's discover them!

  • Mozzarella, Parma ham, tomatoes and extra-virgin olive oil: this is the appetizer par excellence in the Mediterranean cuisine, a perfect snack also at lunch if seasoned with oil and some leaves of fresh basil. At Panino Giusto you can find it in the proposal of the section Novecento of our menu, also in the variant with breasaola of Valtellina or with Prague ham.
  • Mozzarella and anchovies, combined together are the basic ingredients of the Roman traditional cuisine. It is a very simple combination and very tasty that you can discover with the Panino Giusto, with the addition of Prague ha, tomatoes and mild-mustard.
  • In the Intenso, the anchovy cream is combined with stracciatella cheese, together with Parma ham and camone tomato.
  • Mozzarella, in the form of small knots, are also superb as a healthy ingredient used to prepare salads: at Panino Giusto you can taste it in the "Sorrento" Salad, together with tuna-fish, wild salad and a bio-hard-boiled egg.

An unusual dessert with gastronomic combination to finish your meat with sweetness

  • Cream and dark-chocolate: you can taste this combination in our Dai Dai, a cream-based artisan ice cream covered with the finest dark-chocolate. Have you ever tasted something similar?
  • Apples with extra-virgin olive oil, to create a flavourful and soft apple cake.
  • Pears, Greek yogurt and chocolate: this is a restyled and lighter version of the classical, pears and chocolate cake.
  • Guanaja chocolate, raspberry and nuts: the finest bitter chocolate perfectly blends the sourness of raspberries, the crunchiness of nuts and the sweetness of the cream. It is our chocolate cake!
  • Tuscan pine nuts, honey and bitter cocoa: it is mattonella Dai Dai, one of the favourites in our menu. For a healthy dessert, with harmonious and balanced tastes.
  • Mandarin and vanilla: we use them to create our sorbet, as an alternative to the classical lemon one.

What are you waiting for? Come and taste the new menu of Panino Giusto!