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New menu for Panino Giusto: TANTA ROBA!

New menu for Panino Giusto: TANTA ROBA!

Panino Giusto has launched a new menu, different but always true to its origins. The last Flex Offering provides for a special gastronomic offer, thought to meet each customer's requirements. You can find the great classics with the historical savours of Panino Giusto in the section "Novecento"; the bold combinations in premium size in the section "Esplorazioni"; the panini of chef Claudio Sadler –starred Michelin- in the section "Maestri" and the limited editions made of fresh and seasonal ingredients, in the section "Speciali".

The greatest news is the creation of various menus with original combinations and special Panini for each store in Milan. Let's discover them!

Novecento, the menu that celebrates the history of Panino Giusto

To improve you should be yourself, and this is the reason why at Panino Giusto we have decided to always stay true to our origins and history, made of the traditional Italian savours. So, in our new menu, you will find our most classical Panini in the section Novecento. We should never ask you to give up our classical toast with cooked ham with Parmigiano Reggiano aged 27 months! Panino Giusto is gusto and simplicity, a place where the Italian cuisine is the star attraction. If you don't know where you can eat vegetarian Panini in Rome or Milan, Panino Giusto is the right place! Taste our Panino Siciliano by chef Riccardo Soncini, inspired by the flavours and the scents of the Mediterranean, certificated by the Accademia del Panino Italiano. It is made of cereal bread, Ragusano cheese, grilled courgettes, fresh cheese aromatized with thyme and marjoram, basil pesto and oregano of Pantelleria. The Panino K2, is one of the favourites, with tomatoes, extra-virgin olive oil, mild-mustard mayonnaise and roast beef, freshly prepared by our chefs.

The art Panini in the section "Maestri" created by our chefs, starred Michelin.

Don't call them gourmet! At Panino Giusto, our art Panini of the section Maestri are special recipes created by the chefs and inspired by the traditional Italian gastronomy: the most authentic one! Thus, chef Claudio Sadler- starred Michelin, authentic Milanese, prudent but also creative innovator- has created Tra i due, Milano 2015 and Madras. Tra I due is made of toasted wheat bread, starter, bresaola PGI of Valtellina, stracciatella cheese, fresh courgette flower, fresh cheese cream with Ligurian olives and extra-virgin olive oil. Milano 2015 was created for Expo Milano 2015, it is made of Parma ham, balsamic vinegar of Modena flakes, Parmiggiano Reggiano cream, lettuce, rocket, artichokes pâté and black pepper. Madras is made of grilled organic turkey breast, madras curry mayonnaise, lamb lettuce, tomatoes, toasted almonds of Sicily and popped black Venus rice.

Milano 2015, the ambassador of Italy all over the world

Just a little bite is enough to plug you into the Italian gastronomic tradition. The idea to let the Panino Milano 2015 (dedicated to Milan Expo 2015) become the worldwide ambassador of Italy started from the selection of its ingredients.
Sadler himself explained how he did the selection of the perfect ingredients. The first step was the identification of the three made in Italy symbols par excellence: Parma ham aged 26 months, Parmiggiano Reggiano aged 27 months and the prime balsamic vinegar PGI of Modena. The Parma ham is produced in Langhirano according to the old artisan methods and the Parmiggiano Reggiano comes from cows of the precious Bruna Alpina Breed that differ from other cows by the low yield of milk, that is concentrated and consequently rich in nutritional and aromatic properties.
The second step was to choose the other ingredients: the kind of bread (the ciabattina Milanese) the raw vegetable (the iceberg lettuce), the cooked vegetable (the roasted artichokes with extra-virgin olive oil of Umbria) and finally a pinch of black pepper, an extra-territorial spicy.

Esplorazioni in premium size:  a formidable flavour.

Esplorazioni is the menu for those who want to taste the Panini with original combinations and unusual flavours, without betraying the Italian gastronomic tradition that has ever inspired our recipes at Panino Giusto. The passion for cooking has led our choices in this bold menu, that celebrates the harmonious marriages and the cultural contaminations of food. Two examples are: the Panino Intenso with Parma ham, stracciatella cheese, cherry tomatoes and anchovy cream, and the Panino Ragusano with 100gr of grilled beef of Piedmont, lamb lettuce, Ragusano cheese, Slow Food onion of Giarratana and mustard mayonnaise sauce.

Speciali, in limited edition

A menu that changes all year round, with its fresh ingredients and the local excellences of the Italian territories. Panino Giusto has now put aside the Summer proposal with trout, freshwater fish that is perfect to take on the hottest days in the city centre, to launch its Winter proposals: the Panino Firenze and the Panino Toscano, the new limited editions of our menu. The Firenze is prepared with finocchiona, pecorino toscano, fennel flakes, candy-coated figs and extra-virgin olive oil. The Toscano is made of finocchiona, pecorino toscano and fruits piccalilli.

Beyond each Panino, there is a history, and this makes the difference! Come at Panino Giusto and discover the uniqueness of our Panini certificated on the Accademia del Panino Italiano website.